Desert Wind Ranch

Desert Wind Ranch is located in south central Arizona, easily accessible
from I-10 and I-8.  

We are one of the premier breeders for American Miniature Cheviot Sheep in
the US.  Our breeding program started in 2001 and with the addition of our
first black ram in 2004, we began achieving our goal of providing quality
registered stock - black and white.  Our best lambs will enhance any
registered American Miniature Cheviot flock.  On occasion we also have pet
grade lambs.  Our lambs have been shipped all over the continental US.  
Each spring we have a nice assortment of lambs available for sale.  Please
contact us for the details and we will gladly include you on the email update
of the new deliveries.  We are enrolled in the federal USDA Scrapie Premise
Tag Identification Program.

Desert Wind Ranch is always glad to show visitors around our farm or
provide helpful information based on our experience.  Please feel free to call
us at (520) 560-2246 or
email us.
2018 babies are arriving daily
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